Posted by: carbonytte | September 28, 2008


Ada Apa Dengan Google, or in English, Waht’s Up With Google ?

Looks like Google is perhaps the next big thing (ye ke?). We got Google Chrome beta (which is still pending for non-Windoze users (lucky me still a user of Windoze,lame but still a requirement for gaming heh), unlikely ). And then we got these Google Phone a.k.a HTC Dream a.k.a TMobile-G1. 

So perhaps Google is really going deep into our life. 10 years ago, we are still at the edge of Yahoo!ing and MSNing, with some others AOLing themselves. Now it is just about Google. Documents, we got Google Docs, blogs, we got Blogger (luckily it’s not named as Google Blog or Goog BLog or whatever names it might be), and for 3d-design, we got this Google Sketchup.

So where actually does this Google limits ? God knows, but for sure other competitors aren’t feeling just too well with Google. Of course, they’re bringing the competition to a broader path, giving away the things for free (with regard that you have an internet connection of course). That is just SO …. of you to go taht way. Yet of course, for paid apps, you get better quality. For instance, there’s a HUGE difference between Google Docs and Microsoft Excel. But of course, for that then you would go for OpenOffice. Well, let’s leave taht for a while. Next topic hopefully.

Anyway, how Google is crafting the world is very, very much unique. For Zero to Hero, you might say. It’s very suprising for a company which targets only at sold ads, and vastly improved from there. Their business is still ads, but their free gifts for everyone else to use, that’s what keeping them in the game.

p/s : lost my handphone, wonder whether G1/Dream supports SIMcards officially, unlike iPhone? If not, then another simple handphone for me this end of the year.


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