Posted by: carbonytte | September 28, 2008

In these times

We are now already at the end of Ramadhan. Just a few days to go and we should be celebrating Eid Mubarak, or Eid Fitr. 

The problem is, some of us are just too busy to see that coming. Why is that ? Politics. It’s not that I’m not politically aware or very passive when it comes to politics, but there must also be some time to stop such politicking stuff. Even in Ramadhan, or in the bulan haram a.k.a forbidden months, it is a sin to go to war, unless it is unavoidable.

And yet, these few peoples who controls the majority, the mass media, kept on flaming each other on national television, national newspapers, major broadcasting channels. They aren’t going for a jihad against the unjust rulers, but among themselves. As Muslims, should not there be at least some way, some path for silence, especially at the edge of Ramadhan. Come on, just let go of the UMNO G.E for a while, will ya ? 2-3 hari je lagi pon.. 

We should seek for apology from the God, not scratching among Muslims just for the sake of some party post. Alright, maybe it is unavoidable, but don’t scream too loud that eventually it hits even at the news prime time. Put politics aside, focus on the national agenda. There’s a lot of other things these few people should have focused on. Look at Tok Guru Nik Aziz, just relax and sempoi at the end of Ramadhan. That should be an example of a Muslim leader.

Another thing that should be highlighted is perhaps the detain of Raja Petra Kamarudin. Yes, maybe he did cross over the line, but if he did, shouldn’t Namewee get the same thing? To me, both of them are same in a sense of way. Thus, the Government should not be one-sided when it comes to using their power. Else, it is the same as being unjust. And unjust rulers must step down.

Of course, we are still waiting for the habeas corpus result. Should everything turned ok, then maybe Pete would be out soon.

Also when we are talking about Raya, still some are indulging themselves with pure kelalaian, full-blast. It’s not that I do not reckon any entertainment at all during Ramadhan, but there should be a limit. Hey, doesn’t fasting is supposed to limit one’s desire ? Pure entertainment is also part of desire. So there should be a limit to it, at least in these times. Do not forget, we are at the 3rd phase of Ramadhan, the phase of Itqum min an-nar (Freedom from Hell). In these times are also spoken about the Lailatul Qadr, the Night of a 1000 Months.

So people, please, focus on your ibadah, and less controveries between each other. Let not what differs us turn us into enemies, but take it positively, look for identical points which brings the ukhuwwah to a closer distance.


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