Posted by: carbonytte | September 28, 2008

The IT Wake Up

About a decade ago, we had a big dot com fall down. Maybe not 10 years, but somewhere there.

Now, the butterfly effect is affecting the financial business, so it seems. So what does this means for the IT business?

At the brink of financial crisis worldwide, it must be agreed that we are already at a new edge, or new stage of technology. The internet phenomenon is making a come back. With Web 2.0, AJAX, the illustrations we see on our browsers are just too much of a difference, to be compared to what we see during the late 90s and early millenium of 21st century.

My friend who graduated with a Business Information Systems degree in Malaysia is currently working at Dubai. Imagine that during the dot com crisis. Those days were already gone for good.

Quoting from The Inquirer :

The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, for instance, reckons that jobs in network systems and data communications analysis are on the up and up, with predictions of a 53 per cent increase in 2008 from 2007. Computer software engineer jobs, meanwhile, are set to see a 45 per cent increase with computer scientists and database administrator careers going up by 37 per cent

I mean, honestly, since the China wake up from its slumber, this sleeping giant eventually created a butterfly effect, together with India in the IT business. Even in Malaysia, recently we had IBM sponsoring for computer science courses in several local varsities (Too bad UTP is not offered, perhaps the offer was only for public universities, as none of them was a private one)

But will it stay the same ? Will the path drawn for the IT-wannabes in the future have a bright future ? To me, this is just another concept of trend. After a while, the trend goes down, and we look for another solution. Just like the insurance and health products agenda. 

For now, there are just not enough technocrats, but what will happen when the number exceeds the demands ? Will the demand continue to grow, or will there be a limit, just like what happened during the dot com crisis?

For wahtever it may seems to be, there are just abundance of IT jobs for now, and IT job seekers, you guys are perhaps the luckiest people on Earth (to this date).

p/s : Lucky me I’m from Engineering background. There might not be a lot, but the demand is still there, and looks like a constant too.

p/s2 : lucky me, I already got a job. Happy job hunting for my friends 🙂

p/s3 : Malaysians business students ought to learn Islamic Financing/Islamic Banking now. Seriously, apart from IT, this is also the next big thing.



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