Posted by: carbonytte | September 29, 2008

In dire need

This is already the 2nd week without a handphone.

Status : Awkward, weird.

Seriously, for people like me, who maximizes the phone usage, being without one is pure loneliness. Not to say that I am a slave to handphone, but at dire times, like waht happened in these recent days were very much distratrous, or almost to the disastrous point. 

Imagine having a meeting here and there, and you just have no communication medium available expect for online messenger and email. Hell that’s tough. Even with 24/7 service of UTP internet connection, still you can’t expect someone to be actively online all the time. You could be idle, but then you would not get the information at instant. 

Hopefully duit MARA cepat masuk, then I can buy myself a new phone.

Brand ? I think I’ll stick to Motorola. Been a Motorolan for years (even during my SPM time), I must say that I had developed a sense of trust and love to Motorola handphone lol.

C350 -> E398 -> L6 -> ??? (of course, there was a time of a month where I used the old Nokia 3310, but that is very purely temporary, it didn’t even last a month lol)

Since I’ve used the C, E and L series, maybe I ought to buy the W series. W3xx and W2xx series looks nice though.


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