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QuikVue : 29 09 2008

The Assembly

Alrite, we all know that the Umno General Assembly would not be held at least until next March, but how does that eventually affects the political climate of Malaysia ? 

1) Power transition to God-knows-who between the UMNO top guns. This also means for power transition in being the next Malaysian PM. Najib looks like he is set to be the next one, by having himself in the position of Malaysian Finance Minister. It must be noted that since Mahathir’s antebellum era, it is like compulsory for the PM to be a finance minister (of course that all happens after Tun Daim Zainuddin resigns.. the reason behind it, google yourself)

2) Threat to Anwar. Rather than seeing this as a threat to Pakatan Rakyat, I would rather write this down as a threat to Anwar himself. Seriously, it is only Anwar who desired himself that much power of seeing the current government to be replaced to a ‘better, more integrity’ government of Pakatan Rakyat. It’s not that other PR officials are not that optimistic, but none are actually 100% pushing themselves forwardly and march to be the next cabinet people. He even sends his people to watch over the BNBBC who went to Taiwan (and somehow they eventually went to HK. Even if that is ‘their’ own money, it must be noted on just how illogical it is to go overseas 1 day, and expect to know a lot on agriculture. Isn’t that more of a normal primary school trip?). Even PAS officials had a discussion, nothing more than that, no strings attached. 

The Falling

Whatever happened at Wall St is perhaps a lesson many must learn. Try not to get involved with mortgage. It is purely debt; though they might not sound the same, they do look alike. Now every lenders is just trying to save themselves. To me, the problem does not just lies on the global economy, it also affects the people who are in it, specifically those at the lower tier or end tier of the corporate hierarchy.

While owners of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, or even Lehmann still have big bucks in their pockets, the workers aren’t sharing the same fate. Some of them are jobless, and the difference in figures are very, very large. And what are the government trying to do in helping these people? Almost to zero, I would say. Instead, they insisted on saving these few people who controls, or owns majority of the people, through lobbyist and other methods. For instance, both Obama and McCain were sponsored by Freddie Mac. Thus it is no wonder the corporate business was saved. See the figures (below) for yourselves and think, is it logical for to save such companies? 


This is the problem in the Free Economy system. The laissez faire system which eventually fails. First, they say that the government should not care on the tradings, leave this to the experts, else speculators will panic and the whole economy will crumble down. Now that they are crumbling down by themselves, it is they who constantly ask for help from the government to save them, one by one, regardless of what the speculators might say. And the government just can’t do a thing, it must be done. These are the people who injected money and help in terms of financial matters of the assemblymen. 

So they are saved, but only the big top guns. Not the cleaner, not the desk recipient, not the janitor. These guys, who eventually will accumulate to the unemployment rate, will not have their voices heard. Instead, bills and talks will eventually be passed down in the House ‘hoping’ that the unemployment issue is resolved.

The Disease

Also, this is quite expected. 

1) China is very much known for its truly rapid development. A decade ago, China is still nothing in terms of economy. From military perspective, China is a superpower, but that’s it. China’s political stance of being very shy globally decades ago makes her a hidden gem. Matthias Chang foresee this (China’s rapid development, being the awakening giant) in his report to then-Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir. 

President Ziang Jemin’s word was perhaps the key factor, the main pillar in China’s rapid development into being a major superpower in all aspects globally :


A  high caliber scientific community supported by an increasing astute workforce is China’s engine for change, ensuring our continuing modernization and preparing  the nation to embrace the world and the future. Thus scientific research and education are both national priorities and are incorporated in all of China’s development strategies.

But at such pace, eventually there will be loopholes, a lot of them. This is waht I will write in (2)

2) Quality control. With such rapid development, quality control is something they should have taken aware of. And this is where they eventually fails. Not to say a total failure, but where they did not really spend a lot time on. China is very much known for its quality control. Even here in Malaysia, whenever we say China brands, we know the difference. Not to be generalistic and stereotype, but the importance of quality is just not there. Buy a different brand but not ‘China-made items’, and we are more assured that the item will last longer.

Even companies such as Nike, Adidas had their own man to come down and check thoroughly on quality, in order to maintain a good quality control of their products. Being a real assembly house, quality control is just too hard for China. 

After this, I’m pretty much sure that we won’t see a second coming of the same problem ever again. China is well known not to make a second mistake. Once is enough, double means more trouble. Even in just a few days, many of them are becoming more milk-independent and have already start converting to soy milk, which is not a problem at all.


Happy Eid Mubarak, Selamat Hari Raya to all, have a safe journey going back to your hometown, kampungs etc etc. For those not celebrating, happy holidays.


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