Posted by: carbonytte | October 1, 2008

Eid Mubarak


One month of fasting, and come the day of celebration; a celebration towards the success of Muslims in going through a month of Ramadhan. It must be remembered that during Ramadhan was perhaps one of the toughest tests sent by the Holy God, Allah s.w.t. Even during the days of Rasulullah s.a.w and his Companions, it was during Ramadhan that they were tested with Badr Al-Kubra, and also the War of Tabuk.

Lest did Rasulullah s.a.w and his Companions grew tired and gave up, especially during the Badr Al-Kubra, where Allah shows blessing with His help. Without Him, it is very much impossible. But it was because of Him, due to the great ‘Taqwa’ and ‘Sabr’ (patience) shown by the 313 Muslims mujahideen in fighting against the Kuffar.

1st Day

Alright, so today I must say it was quite tiring. A year of outsourcing, should I say. Reason :

Every one eventually brought our own foods to be served. FYI, my grandparents haven’t been at their best health in these recent years, and my grandparents’ house were, I could say, one of the target by many of our relatives since my grandma is a good chef (she even once own a catering service before, and also a canteen at UiTM Jalan Othman). Thus, it was up to us, as a big family, to eventually help in succeeding the celebration event.

As usual my family prepared Soto and Pulut Kuning (sorry no pics, forgot to take the pics 🙂 ).

So today, I could say, the numbers were not so bad. From 10am-10pm, the house was quite full with relatives, some which I even rarely meet. (Alhamdulillah, managed to know more of my long-related relatives) 

Honestly, it is quite tiring. But the ending is quite ok. At least, I got myself a lot of blueberry cheesecake for tonight, before come tomorrow and the next day. (FYI – My grandparent’s semi-open house [well, it is opened, but for close friends and relatives] usually last about 3-5 days). Aiyak, letih. Luckily tomorrow my family awal-awal boleh cabut already, go to Sg Buloh to visit my mom’s friend. And at the same time, my Acu family will insyaAllah come back from Johor, so can ganti-ganti~.

Some pics for you guys:



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