Posted by: carbonytte | October 5, 2008

QuikVue : 05102008

The Plague

Melamine. From milk and dairy products, it really seems like a never ending story. Now news, or rumours are indicating that melamines were also found on imported veggies. Now this is a serious case.

At source level, yes, the shipping could be stopped, but what about those which were already shipped, or in a most distratous catastrophe-yet-to-be event, the veggies were already bought? This is really a serious case we got over here, especially with Muslims in Malaysia are still celebrating Eid Fitr. Things could get really bad.

And what could be worse, is perhaps this quote :

Fortune said, only 250 of 1500 substances, which were used to be additives, were eligible and got the international standard. It noted that the government did not manage and control over food safety.

Now that is pretty much serious. Hopefully it is false.

The Begging

It is finally approved. 700 bn USD of taxpayers’ money to be used to help the really in dire need of help companies. Investments companies which have suffered much debts and failures throughout the year.

Will this solve the never-ending speculation crisis or the ‘free market’ ? Hopefully, but sadly, some things were definitely left behind.

I wrote in my previous post about the unemployed, who lost their jobs from these failing companies. And these people do not have even a penny. Meanwhile, CEOs, Presidents and MDs of the companies are still rich enough to cover themselves, perhaps a world tour or trip to the Europe. Aren’t this just a little sarcastic, for the Congress ? Take money from the people and spend it just to some few key important figures.

Aren’t they just becoming the same thing they condemned few years back. Few years back, it was them who laugh and irritate countries with failing economic systems, when the local government enters the market field and stabilized them. They said that such acts are against the ‘free market’ and ‘free trade’ spirit of the law.

Yet now they are doing the same thing, the only thing different is that they are really trying to make it legal. Legal or not is perhaps not the subject, but the action itself popped several key questions.

1) Why don’t they get resources from other people rather than taxpayers’ money ? There’s zillions of millionaires in US which could eventually help to turn around the situation, rather than getting the money from tax.

2) Does all the taxpayer agree on the step taken. This is perhaps one of the toughest question to be answered.

Well, my resources kept saying the same thing “This is just the beginning”.

 p/s: Try to update tomorrow morning. So penat already driving all the way around Selangor.


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