Posted by: carbonytte | October 24, 2008


Pusing punya pusing, makin ramai lak eejan04ers yg start berblogging.

dah dewasa agaknya. Of course what, Final Year Final Sem student. A chrysallis waiting to be born as the next Zerg Queen.

Well, it’s been a while folks, classes together, makan2 (sori I xjoin makan2 ni, saya anti-social :)) ) but the previous 4+1 years back was a good memory after all, regardless of whatever happened.

6 weeks in counting, and insyaAllah Penang after this. Wish me good luck pursuing my future career and life (future family waLlahua’lam).

Medtech crew, Kucai, Mie, Anep, Akay, Mox, Aleng, Adam and those who I knew but xmention, panjang sgt nk mention sume, don’t worry I still remember u guys.

To those others who knew me, thanx a lot for your helps, your answer scripts, your ideas during meeting, your part of montages,posters,flyers and yadda yadda~.


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