Posted by: carbonytte | November 11, 2008


So the Mid East blog did write up some post on how they were now a little skeptical on Barack Obama after he made Emanuel Rahm his chief-of-staff in the new White House lineup.

Yep, Emanuel Rahm is a pro-Israel goverment, something Muslims and Arabs would not really like to hear. And yep, Emanuel Rahm was chosen not for his term with Israel, but because on his Beltway experience, so to say by the newly-elected President Barack Obama.

So some were turned down as they would expected a new turnaround of the government policy going yet on the same line as Mr Rahmbo is named the new Chief of Staff. For me, I had expected such turnaround.

Obama in one of his interviews gave his opinion on the Mid East future and Israel. He is still a supporter of the Israeli goverment, and condemns rocket attacks on the Israeli civilians. He called it as “in line with the Geneva Convention”, when every Joe knows how uncivilized that is, crying out loud that somebody is wiping around 5-10 people in your neighbourhood while you yourself did a mass massacre of hundreds to thousands people.

And another best part is that Rahm was one of the Board of Directors for Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (or what so-called socialist bloggers would call as the dead Freddie Mac capitalist arm of US while not knowing just what Freddie Mac is lolz), post given by Bill Clinton in 2000. During his tenure, there were scandals on campaign contributions and some irregulaties in Freddie Mac’s account. And he ran away in 2001, running for Congressman. Ohh how sweet~

[As usual, this is just my own personal scribes, comments are allowed, not a resolution of somekind]


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