Posted by: carbonytte | November 27, 2008

Gen Y

Had a PETRONAS talk @ UTP today.

The HR talked about Gen Y ppl, just how hard it is to keep these people aboard the ship(in this example, PETRONAS). These Gen Y ppl are just so demanding and bla3x.

The best part was when it comes to the QnA session.

Some people reiteratedly asked the same question: Pet scholars need to report and have interview @ KLCC, then what about ppl who are at Sabah and Sarawak? Do they get any sort of accomodation?

Of course the answer would be NO! It is expected since the scholarship ends on December. Such accomodations were not stated inside the agreement, whereas the interview is a must. So what is it so hard to understand about?

Still, it was funny when there was a bigtime miscom error between HR and the students. My PET scholar friends (well I am not, for sure) have already did their PETRONAS ability test back awhile (in Sept if I’m not mistaken) and these HR ppl thinks that there are still ppl not doing the test. And another bigtime miscom was when the HR thought these young Gen-Y freshies are still in the middle / at the entrance of the exam month while we have actually finished ours days (mine was > 1 week ago). What a headache it turns out when the stdts kept on asking for the interview session even though it was still not revealed yet.

The HR thought that we are still in our exams while most of us are just waiting to go back home, if it wasn’t for the PETRONAS SI (Structured Interview) and also FYP final stuffs (presentations, dissertations bla3x).

Alas, as a non-scholar student, I was quite dissatisfied when they said about the road to PETRONAS for non-scholars. Go to . And here’s the best part, they didn’t say about doing PETRONAS ability test for non-scholar before registering to They just iterated that pet scholars must do their ability test first, and then the final result for SI schedule will be out. SMART! 

Lucky me I’m not in that path, since I will (insyaAllah) working someplace else. LOL.


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