Posted by: carbonytte | November 29, 2008

Penang Career Fair

So many companies, but mostly from the same type of engineering field, electronics. Of course, expect for some like Bank Negara Malaysia and also Malaysia Automotive Lighting. Still, nevertheless it must be said that the fair is quite slow, maybe of the economic downturn, recession (or some might even to the extent call it depression).

Well, 2 of my friends are still job seeking around, another of mine is still an undergraduate so he’s just like me, loitering around (Of course I am not looking for a job, I am already hired~) in PISA with nothing much serious to do. Just collect the freebies I would say.

But the frist problem is perhaps that there is no layout available for the fair. I dunno whether if it is upon request, but I must admit that I cannot find any Career Fair staff anywhere. The only staffs I saw were the exhibitors themselves. Lol.

Also, there’s no “Improvement” booth ( I don’t know the correct term, but such booth are the places visitors come and give out comments on the event). At least with such initiatives, there could be improvements on the Career Fair since there absolutely are a lot of rooms or improvement. Well, maybe they’re at the end of the fair (since I’m still at the middle of the line, 3Ging through my old laptop). Alrite, time to move on. C ya.




  1. (Of course I am not looking for a job, I am already hired~)
    Way to go!

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