Posted by: carbonytte | January 4, 2009

My Own ADSL Modem

Suddenly I got an idea of making my own adsl modem. I mean, all the time we are already used to buying our own modem, and the price is.. yaa.. sure it is cheap.. but when u look back at the OS and softwares running in the process, u suddenly got the idea that

“Hey.. it’s just a linux box after all. Hence, why not I build one myself, using a decent PC, connect some other lan card and bridge them together, and hopefully I will get a better, faster speed due to the decent PC having a better CPU and more RAM memory and faster RAM speed, or in better words, the spec is just high~


But then again, when I looked at the running processes, I kept on wondering, are we actually paying TP-Link for nothing, since that they are using FREE and OPEN SOURCE software to actually run their modems; tftpd,httpd,dhcpd. Expect for pvc2684d of course, I haven’t seen that one before.



  1. huh!

    I would NEVER think of this.
    beyond my capacity..
    ape la dlm otak kamu2 engineers nih..

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