Posted by: carbonytte | January 28, 2009

Long Time No Post


Finally integrated my Celcom 3G with my Celcom Postpaid plan. So now I can usha mail, update blog all from my Tube. Yes. Nor Kiah 5800 XM China Mari~.

Besides that, also got a new laptop. CQ-40 126AX (i think, can’t remember liao).

And also a new pair of shoes, made by the Jerries (i mean, German-branded Adidas lor).

And also a new Casio Illuminator watch.

Satisfaction? You bet.

Sorry, no pics yet. Kamera entah mana-mana tah pergi. ada tayar kot, dier pusing2 dalam rumah. dis wikend baru ingin cari. ada le tu mane2. tersorok di tengah-tengah rumah yang kosong~

p/s: Yeah, heard a lot of rumours, and also a lot of ppl asking me on the situation. FYI, Intel Malaysia as a whole is still in good condition. The news wasn’t a hoax, but alas there was something not really told by the newscaster. Apparently the shutdown was just for Production site, PG6 and PG7. These 2 sites are very old sites handling quite not the very famous products by Intel anymore since there is already Intel factories in Kulim. So, the upper management decided to close the factory, along with a few other factories which are also quite old. In summary, Intel Malaysia is still A OKAY.


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