Posted by: carbonytte | February 4, 2009

Going Crazy

1. Spansion stock is nearing zero. The CEO cabut already. Now got new interim CEO. And they are thinking of selling the business. Guess AMD really don’t care about Spansion already lor…

2. Perak hassle. The Nasarudin Halim is the best. One day Umno, next day PKR, then jump back to UMNO. I’m not against party-hopping, but seriously this dude is one hell of a joke. I mean, yeah u got your own defence statement, but just one month after jumping to another ship aa? Weird as well as funny.

3. Heard Schlumberger is cutting a lot of jobs in the exploration sector. And Halliburton as well as Baker Hughes is following. Wadde again. And here I thought oil & gas companies were spared, seems like there’s no safehouse this time around. All will go down with the economic crisis (and of course la, go up again when it’s over, just like a hurricane).


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