Posted by: carbonytte | February 5, 2009


no. this isn’t hacking.

this is just playing with something call hex, or hexadecimal. What is it? Simple. It opens your files (whatever files) and display the document in hexadecimal.

Is it important. No, but really nice if u want to play around with things. Keypoint, all files in the PC are actually binary coded, but we don’t see them since binary codes are only understandable by the hardware itself.

If we were to program a code using binary all the way, for sure u will get a headache even trying to build minesweeper. So such apps are created in BASIC, or java, or python, or perl, depending on which language the programmer prefers.

The compiler or assembler will compile/assembled the codes into binary form which will be understood by the hardware to make sure that it moves according to the codes.

Bla3. I’ve been hanging around too long in here.

Simple thing u can do.

1.Open a word application.
2.Write anything.
3.Save it.
4.Open thru hex editor.
5.See what you can do with it. (i’m not gonna tell u. email me if u wish to at krong[dot]krang[at]yah00[dot]com. lol.

oh yeah, some link to get u started


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