Posted by: carbonytte | February 5, 2009

Why all of sudden ACP one…

Hopefully no AMD fans will tembak me for this.

Somehow AMD says TDP does not relates to realtime power. Somehow AMD says it is just a benchmark app which favours Intel. Somehow AMD introduces ACP. What’s that?

TDP is under SPEC la, and u guys are also under the same roof. I’ve been in the benchmark life before and I think I still can remember lor which companies support SPEC. Then suddenly barge in here and there saying “We got ACP. Average CPU Power. This is real world test. Not pure benchmarking.” How can you be so sure, since u’re the only people in the whole world using it. Not credible la

I’m trying to be on the fence, but somehow this needs proper facts and figures. Go get yourselves any AMD and any Intel PC (or even better, laptops). Try to look for same speed, though u won’t get exactly same spec, AMD cache are way behind.Run any game with 100% cpu usage, then open up speedfan or anything which can calculate the cpu hotter. Why hot, because high TDP lor. Nuff said. Again, I noe some ppl won’t agree with me. I open for discussions but don’t expect answers haha.


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