Posted by: carbonytte | February 17, 2009

Trying to survive

So life as an engineer, seriously is a headache.


Not only that u have to manage with ur work, u got to attend meetings, classes, at some other job responsibilities that u have to handle.

Saket weh~

lol.. but that’s life.. and yet.. that’s not the only thing in life..

btw Mr Pepper Lim had revamped the old BBBSS OBA (yeah I know, it’s DAMN LONG!, VIOBA or LSOBA is simpler, why not just make it BBOBA haih…) site [click here to check it out]

And now he’s asking me to drop a comment over there as an ex-BBian. (Lol, for sure it’s actually a mass email to all suscribing to BBBSSOBA YG!). Maybe I will, since I can never ever forget about the old Mr Agis (yes, he’s retired, my lil bro told me). One helluva discipline teacher, but with special pride. Somekind of Onizuka I think (ok la, that was seriously melampau, but he’s cool even though there will be times he will unleash his rage as the discipline teacher.

On politic matters in Malaysia, now there’s going to be 3 Bukit ppl will be watching for. Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau, and now Bukit Lanjan (well not yet lar).

But in any way, this will eventually be the prime, or the last stand for Najib to make a clear standout, whether people are with him or not.

After the turmoil at Perak, yet people looks at Malaysian politics with very disgusted-looking faces. Yeah, both sides boasted about party hopping, but no one actually thought it were to actually happen.

I mean, regardless of whichever party you are, when you hopped as a state assemblyman or member of parliament, you are turning your back from those who supported you before.

It must be remembered that Malaysians are not by-partisan, especially the people aged 40 plus plus. Once they are in, they stick themselves very kukuh, regardless or Pakatan or BN.

Only the newer generations (like me) looks at the individual as well as the party. Older generations are always by the party, for the party.

Well, enough for that. In simple words, those who will win the next by-elections can be said as the favorite of the Rakyat. Hope for the best.

Peace and out. 🙂



  1. can you ask your brother how far back BBBSS keep school magazines.

  2. You mean the older version of Bintang ? Ya I’ll try to.

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