Posted by: carbonytte | March 8, 2009

Anti-Maths and Science in English demo : A success

Maybe someone, or many will criticize me for using English in this post, even though I went to the demo.

Peeps, read again. It is Anti-Maths and Science in English, not anti-English.

The cause needed to be fully understood before one could hang onto it.

Why is it really important?

With due respect, honestly the score for Maths and Science, regardless of the languaged used has not dived or exponentially-increased graphically.

This is due to the demographic of Malaysia.

In urban areas, Maths and Science is being used almost everyday, especially with technocrats around the areas, thus paving way for a practical knowledge of what these younglings learned in school.

Yet, in rural areas, not only that the income disparity is high, the knowledge disparity is also quite high(knowledge as in level of thinking)

Due to this, many of these children cannot understand what is being learnt at school during their late night revision. They do not have tuition in their villages. They just self-studied and asked their siblings and parents to help them.

This is where the government really overlooked this issue.

1. When they decided to teach English in Maths and Science, the human resources was just not enough. Instead of real English and Science teachers teaching these subjects, English teachers were made back-up, and to some extent, as real “English” and “Science” teachers, while that is not their field of coverage.

2. Maths and Science is a practical subject. Thus, self revision at home is very important. Yet if the parents are unabled to help these young kiddos at home due to the language used, this is the same as adding salt to a bleeding knee. Instead of improving the grades, we’re just making it worse.

3. Maths and Science are better taught in a country’s mother tongue. Look at Japan, Germany, France, and other developed countries. These countries used their own mother tongue for every of their subject. This is because in this way, it is far easier to understand what is being taught at school and practically test their newly-learnt knowledge in their night self-revision.

4. If the cause of this is just to improve the kiddos’ English, I believe that the English subject should be taken more seriously by government. I mean, if you want to improve English, then look again at the proper subject. Teaching Maths and Science will just create more fuzziness, as if the government is trying to evade being blame for the illness of the society to maximize English in Maths and Science, and at the same time creating more problems for the society.

p/s: Memang tak boleh tahan tengok Ust Riduan berceloteh bawah Bangunan Dayabumi. “Yahudi tembak hala atas, depa tembak hala depan. Dasyhat lagi tuh!” or so he says. Seriously hilarious, especially with his style. Should record and post it over here lol…



  1. Nice article.

    Its all about the ego of the minister responsible where I think they really know that it is against the constitutional law but still dont want to admit their mistake.


    Those royal blood alike citizen are not suitable to talk and understand about our education system because they not even study in Malaysia. Their parents send them abroad to study.

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