Posted by: carbonytte | March 18, 2009

A difference between UTP and other uni graduates

One fine day, I met with a long-lost friend of mine.

“Hey, long time no see. Watcha doing rite now?”

“RA at my uni”.

And the same answer repeated when I asked my other long lost friends whenever I met them. If the answer was different, it was just “Ala.. sambung master kat u aku je la senang…”

Unlike in UTP, where people will usually say “the most pathetic uni, not worth to go back” and the list goes down.

Seriously I wonder why. It’s not that I liked UTP so much or I hate it so much. But the truth is, not many graduates of UTP tends to go back and pursue their studies, unlike other university graduates.

Being proactive, I believe the university should look further into this. Being a university trying to produce more and more post-graduates, this is a must to make sure that the room in always filled. And not just that, the quota is filled with those with UTPians, ibarat burung layang-layang yang kembali ke terataknya.



  1. hahaha
    kan utp skrg dah strictkan lagi master, dah susah
    khabarnye da rmai postgrad. xpat jek la nk produce byk lg huhu

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