Posted by: carbonytte | April 3, 2009

Program Cancelled

Quite unexpected, I mean, the program was cancelled at a very last minute, just 1 day before contract signing. Even the contract was alerady prepared.

But, there were some highlights making the whole plan eventually scrapped.

According to the program manager, if we were to include other classes / delete some simple classes such as Unix, we have to pay for them.

At these economic crisis time, for sure this is not something we would want. So, the best way was to cancel out the whole program, right ? I mean, if the program was to be continued with the original plan from SHRDC, what we as trainee will get is eventually just a SHRDC transcript that cannot be converted to a Master’s degree. Not so nice….

In conclusion, this means a lot of free weekends for me 😀



  1. eh..
    kamu trainee lagi yaa..
    aku ingat dah official officer..
    huh..xpe2..trainee pn gaji ko
    dah cukup besau..huh..

  2. Hi, Where are you from? Is it a secret? 🙂

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