Posted by: carbonytte | April 13, 2009


spelled as weavedial

in simple terms : it’s a dial-up networking app, just like what u would have in your Windows. Dial-up.

Yes, some people might say that dial-up is quite outdated, but when it comes to HSDPA, it is still a dial-up. You guys just do not see it because of the very neatly GUI of yours (Huawei, or BlueCube or even your own cell phone)

Guides for those Celcom BB starting to use this :

APN : celcom3g /

Username : 0

Password : 0

Number : *99#

Edit it using the conf and then run it. Make sure the pppd is correct, and voila, u should have network connection de.

After that, you should be able to see Mobile Broadband at the network icon on your right top side of ur Ubuntu.

Then just choose celcom or create a new one using the above data if it’s not there.



  1. oi2..
    aku dah puas setup bende ni ko tau..
    last2 aku dapat update ubuntu aku..
    tp tak dapat surfing..camne tu..haha..

  2. oh yeah. u’ve got to link the device with the modem.

    Here’s what you should do..

    1) type in “sudo tail /etc/var/log/messages | grep usb”
    2) then connect ur modem/phone to the pc. U should see some echo. Look for the /dev/ttyACM0 . Usually it is this one. or it could be in /dev/tty
    3) type “sudo ln /dev/tty /dev/modem

    mine is /dev/ttyACM0 and I’m using a Nokia 5800 XM

    then edit back the wvdial.conf
    then on the connection option, u should see the mobile broadband already 😀

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