Posted by: carbonytte | April 14, 2009

3 Things ought to know by Fedaps user using Ubuntu

1. No access to root by default. Need to use sudo frequently.

2. No more yum. In debian, you spell it as sudo apt-get (u see, u still need the sudo!)

3. No more rpm. In debian, they use sudo dpkg (again, another sudo. And btw, how the hell are you going to do rpm -Uvh style in dpkg. OMG, no wonder Fedaps ppl are more preferred by program writers.

Nvrmd, I will only be using this Ubuntu till May. Come Leonidas, we’ll know what’s going to happen, when the King slays all the other OSes, including Jaunty Jackalope. 😀



  1. ha’ah..
    aku pn naek bosan nak gune ubuntut ni..
    balek2 kene menyudo..
    seb baek tak sula..huhu

  2. i think that root user can be unlock through user manager la… didn’t tried it yet…

  3. Yes there is. sudo passwd root if not wrong.
    I will be doing that tonite, plus making my Compaq as my bridge to connect my HP with internet. U got cross cable? If not then we’re off to BJ 2nite to buy 😀

  4. Use RHEL 5…easy..skung pon dah ade repo server yg free, bleh yum2..senang wei..nyusahkan diri watpe..rpm pon ade, mmg rpm base pon..

  5. @Faiz :


    Thats why I’m waiting for Fedora.


    RHEL : The Linux standard. For businesses, governments, or other users looking for stable, supported, and certified Linux. Available for immediate download starting at $80.

    Fedora : The Fedora Project is a Red Hat sponsored and community supported open source project. Its goal is the rapid progress of free and open source software and content.

    That’s why I’m waiting for Fedaps. It’s free. It’s rpm. It gives you the power of Red Hat. And come Leonidas (F11 / Fedaps 11 / Fedora 11), as per said by kagesenshi, “Long Live Spartans! Behead the other OSes!” LOL

  6. Oh yes, just in case anyone else thoughts the Fedaps == Fed Up, no it is wrong.

    Fedaps == Fedora
    Winblows == Windows
    ******** == Ubuntu (Dun wanna say it, too harsh of a word) lol

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