Posted by: carbonytte | April 15, 2009


As of current, I have 2 laptops. 1 is my Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex on Compaq, which is connected to my Celcom 3G.

The other one is my office HP8510w workstation laptop, which I plan to connect with my Ubuntu. For this, I need to configure the firewall as well as the dhcpd.

Somehow the dhcpd works, but not the firewall. And I was like “err.. eyh? huh?” wondering why the iptables configuration did not work even though i have already set it correctly.

So, I left it for a while, and today I will be doing back the thing tonight after some research on these iptables.

Progress : 50%. DHCP is done. Able to lease-out IP to my HP Workstation from the Ibex, but not able to share the Net yet…


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