Posted by: carbonytte | April 26, 2009

Not another one

Last year there was Hindraf. Well, it turn out to be all right. As a NGO pressure group, it is a very wise decision to create an NGO covering the Indian nationals. 

Yet, another one was born this week, but known as Mindraf, or so they speaks.

Unlike Hindraf, this is a political party.

The question is, it is wise?

Here’s my judgement:

Unlike an NGO, a political party is highly involved in politics. This goes without saying, fielding their candidates, working out on their reasonings, inviting more and more people to join for their cause, and eventually, God knows, win the elections, become the next in throne of the Malaysian parliament.

This is where the problem will begin. Once you won the whole election, you are given the tasks to take care of all Malaysians, not just Indians. Mindraf is well known, just like Hindraf, a pressure group concentrating on the needs of Indians in Malaysia.

What if they were to win the elections in, let say 13th or 14th GE ? What will be the outcome? Will they be just to all ? This is something they really need to look upon.

Hindraf, as a pressure group, can surely balance the Parliament by a constant pressure on the Government to not neglect their (Hindraf’s) pledges. If their conditions were not met, they can keep on pressuring the Government to keep them in line. This is the function of NGO, to keep the Government in balance. Without NGOs, the Government will look upon everything as black dots in a white paper, and eventually ignoring some of the dots due to its incapability to perfectly function as a Government that takes care of everything. Let me remind you, we are talking about humans, who are always at the edge of making mistakes, and not being perfect. We are not Gods, but that does not means there should be no one to keep the order in balance, and NGOs does that well.

Mindraf, however, as a political party, if they would win the GE, have to consider not only the Indians, but all other races in Malaysia. The problem is “With power comes responsibility”. As a political party, Mindraf will eventually be no different than MIC. At current state, Mindraf might have the upper hands with new faces who are not infamously known, thus their record books might be more in blue rather than red, creating a strong support from the grassroot, the community. However after 50 years, just like MIC, Mindraf will eventually be asked, and as the saying goes “Power corrupts, greater power corrupts greatly”, Mindraf will eventually be the same as MIC.

Of course, this is just a prediction without proper research being done, as this is just a 10-minute draft report on Malaysia current situation.

Of all that might have happen, this had, and the future is again, not known to all but the Almighty God. 🙂


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