Posted by: carbonytte | April 26, 2009

SF 5 : Malaysia?

pre-note: This is going to be my first post in Games. Well, finally. Maybe I’ll put a lot of post under this categories after this, I mean, as a frequent gamer reading IGN/Gamespot/ + some other sites purely on gaming. Hahaha

Lol.. some people were talking on SF V with Malaysian character in it. I too, put my own ideas:

somehow i still think mat rempit is better.

combo can be like henshin for a motobike to come, then hit the enemy with superman style LOL

or even a shoryuu-ken with helmet on the attacking hand biggrin.gif (Can find my post here)

Well, as a final blow to you guys, here’s a cool image for you guys (Credit to Firedauz for this. Hope this post is read by the Capcom guys 🙂 )


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