Posted by: carbonytte | April 26, 2009

Update Urs Manually

I was searching through the many emails in my Intel mail. Suddenly a pop-up appeared:

Ms Dida: salam
Ms Dida: nak tnye, ent gune ubuntu kan?
Noor Amin Shahriz bin Rozly-Azni: waalaikumsalam
Noor Amin Shahriz bin Rozly-Azni: yep
Noor Amin Shahriz bin Rozly-Azni: awat eh?
Ms Dida: mane sistem update dlm ubuntu 9.04?

hmm. Jaunty Jackalope. I must say that I’d swear I would never use it, since I intended to use Ibex (or version 8.10) just for a while, waiting for Fedora 11 a.k.a Leonidas to come out.

So here goes

1. Go to the terminal. If you can’t find it somehow because you are using Arabic Ubuntu (hahaha), it is located at Applications (the most top left menu besides the Ubuntu logo) >Accessories (The 1st sub menu, usually with the scissors logo) > Terminal (the screen logo with letter >_ in the screen).

2. Type in sudo apt-get update.

3. Type in sudo apt-get upgrade , or even better sudo apt-get dist-upgrade 😉

4. Wait for a while. Maybe 1/2 hour to 2 hours, I mean depending on your internet connection.

5. You should already get your stuffs updated.

p.s : Never thought Jaunty Jackalope to come out unfinished. I mean, I would expect it for Leonidas, since it is normal in Fedora to have unfinished business, but Ubuntu are thought to be the most updated and stable Linux OS w/o having any issues upon it’s tapeout. Well.. things happen 😉

p.s II : Just in case you can’t find the terminal still.. use this image. Might help. Courtesy of Sorry no images in Kubuntu, Xubuntu (well, you can find them yourselves in the link anyway)


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