Posted by: carbonytte | May 12, 2009

Lost Hope, Not ?

Ever heard of Duke Nukem?

If u’re a gamers born in 70-80s, u’ll for sure heard the names. Ppl born in 90s, maybe.

Well, last week I read on about 3D Realms shutting down, meaning no more waiting for Duke Nukem Forever.

Regardless of the obscenity of the game, the game was almost flawless in term of its scariness (apart from Doom hehe).

However, rumours showed up that there might still be some options left for this long-waited game.

Heard it from TheInq though, that 3DRealms is opening up their sleeve, saying that someone might giveout some berserk upgrade for 3DRealms to survive, just in time to product Duke Nukem Forever.

to me : It’s still Duke Nukem Forever gone, with Fallout 3 yet to be finished even though Broken Steel is already out. Dame Dame da~ gotta finish Fallout3 faster de…


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