Posted by: carbonytte | July 9, 2009

Celcom is getting worse


I paid for the D98 package, 3.6Mbps speed package. Yet the service recently is just the same as paying for RM68, the 384kbps.

What the heck are you guys doing Celcom?



  1. huhu..not getting worse..
    already worse maa..
    dh stahun lebeh aku pakai..
    bulan ni dpt gaji aku nak terminate..
    nak angkat stimix lg bgs..huhu

  2. better than anything compared to screamyx here… keep dcing… -_-“

  3. I got the D98 package three days back… I’m staying at a hotel in bukit bintang and the speed sucks really bad… D98 is giving me 200 – 300 kbps max …. I also tested D64 – went back to the seller because of speed problems, she had D64 running and the speed test actually gave 300 – 400 kbps several times. She told me to go the Celcom service center, I dunno where that is (landed in Malaysia 5 days back) – can the speed be caped by celcom ( i have only used 200 MB until now) – can it be a sim problem. I’m using huawei E160, I have also tried an Alcatel modem at the salesperson’s stall, that showed the same results (200-300 kbps at and also on celcom’s own speedtest site) – I don’t like sitting at the laptop and working anymore, its takes so d**n long for everything to load – Can anyone help?

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