Posted by: carbonytte | July 14, 2009

Upgrade Complete

Yeah. No need to wait and stop at Ipoh, can just drive all way through Penang-KL afta this.

Redesign around killer Jelapang stretch complete

IPOH: The stretch of the North-South Expressway between Ipoh Selatan and the former killer Jelapang toll plaza has been opened to traffic, allowing non-stop travelling between Kuala Lumpur and destinations north of here.

Previously, road users had to stop at the Ipoh Selatan toll plaza to pay toll, then collect another ticket at the Ipoh Utara toll plaza before continuing their journey north.

The redesigned stretch, opened by Works Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor on Tuesday, was prompted by the need to remove the Jelapang toll plaza where several fatal accidents had occurred.

Work, which began last year, included the construction of two parallel toll-free roads to enable Ipoh residents to travel between the Ipoh Selatan, Ipoh Utara and Jelapang interchanges without needing to pay toll.

Users heading to Ipoh — whether to Jalan Tasek, Jalan Kuala Kangsar or Jalan Jelapang — from Kuala Lumpur now need to exit the expressway at Ipoh Selatan.

Those from the north should exit at the new Ipoh Utara interchange which replaces the old Jelapang exit.

[Taken from TheStar Malaysia]


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