Posted by: carbonytte | October 24, 2010

long time no see / demam / diary

1) again. my wordpress is “the kotor” already, too long since i blogged here.

2) twice demam de this week. 1st was thursday nite, then followed by today (even better, demam whole day). maybe going to work early in morning for the whole week, and go back home @ about 10 isn’t really good for the body.

3) a friend of mine sent me a mail, which is actually her personal webdiary, not meant to be read by anyone else. but she forgot to make it “invited readers only” blog. well, can’t blame her. to this good friend of mine, what you should be doing is like what i am doing now :

1) Open up email.
2) Write email to self.
3) Send it.
4) label it “diary” or whatever.

At least people can’t read it (unless ur mail is h@xed).

So much to my friend for making a personal diary.

p/s: Even if you make it readable only to invited readers, beware that Google can still read it, so some people might know some ways to read it (to this friend of mine, i’m not going to post it here, but give me a heads up if you wish to know how).

4) happy blogging back.


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