Side Project

Project Title : Fully-flash based website

Project started : 28/04/2009

Estimated time to finish : 4 weeks


[X] Register for new free domain

[X] Download needed images for linking (Friendster/Facebook/Flickr/Wordpress/Twitter)

[X] Create scratch design for new website

[   ] Learn Adobe Action Script 3.0

[   ] Learn creating feed using AS3

[   ] Learn creating chatbox/forum using AS3

[   ] Create template for the website

[X] Get hosting to upload the flash

[   ] Looking for more keypoints needed for this side project



  1. Added another month. Busy LH still not have time to actually do this yet. Currently still KirupaING

  2. Kalau perlukan Graphic Designer contact Me…

  3. bleh gak, tapi projek ni banyak tergendala sbb cam payah je klu pakai flash eventually…

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